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Rolex Explorer Replica

Rolex Explorer Replica, a newly established German watchmaking company, has released a very peculiar timepiece with some contradictory design features. According to the company, the new Janus DoubleSpeed timepiece is the "most accurate" mono-hand watch. This phrase is used because the watch does not have a movement that is extremely precise. Instead, its accuracy comes from the way it displays the time. The single central hand, which is also the hour hand, completes one full rotation every six hours. This means that an hour increment is equal to 60 degrees instead of 30 as is usual. This means, in a practical sense,U-Boat Replica Watches that the hand will always be positioned the same, whether it's at eight or two o’clock. This means that the wearer must be able distinguish between two times as many options compared to a normal timekeeper.

The new timepiece from the brand founded by Manuel Rolex Explorer Replica two years ago has a distinctive and carefully designed face that is oriented to improve legibility. The dial is black with Arabic numerals for the hours, quarters and halves of the hour. The white Superluminova coating on the numerals and markers makes it easier to read in low light. The matte steel flange is also equipped with luminous markers which are only visible in the dark. This watch has a running indicator just below the center dial that shows whether the movement is working. It is very helpful for mono-hand products whose face, and the slowly-paced movements of the hands, do not reveal their working instantly, as is the case with "normal" 3-hand timepieces.

Rolex Explorer Replica' most accurate single-hand watch is fitted with a mechanical watch movement in the true spirit of watchmaking tradition. The watch is powered by ETA 6498 caliber (Unitas), which can be wound manually. The movement is disassembled to its component parts and modified to ensure flawless functioning of its dual speed system. The large pocket-watch has 17 ruby gems and runs at a lower frequency of 18000 vph (2 Hz).

The German watchmaker revealed that it chose a manually wound mechanism partly for sentimental reasons. The daily ritual of winding this timekeeper creates, according to the German watchmaker, a special relationship. A 38-hour power reserve is provided by a fully-wound, Geneva stripes and blued screw movement. It also includes an Incabloc damper,Rolex Explorer Replica which improves its functionality and resistance.

The Rolex Explorer Replica Janus DoubleSpeed Watch comes in a two-part round steel case that measures 44 mm in diameter and 10.7 mm thick. The sapphire crystal on the front of the watch is treated to reduce glare. This same material was used for the transparent screw-in case back, which is a nice touch for a mechanical watch. The technical specifications state that the Rolex Explorer Replica watch has a water resistance of 50 meters.

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