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the beginning, when sailing was a sport for amateurs, with sailors and crew who were also amateurs, this clever complication had a real benefit. The stakes today are much higher, and there is therefore a greater need for high-tech, modern equipment that will help you get to the starting line on time.

Instead, I have a man shouting at me: "Four minutes! Instead, I have a man screaming at me: "Fourminutes!" Threeminutes! "Two minutes!"

The countdown starts five minutes before the race begins with every 15 second callouts.Blancpain Replica Watches For the final minute, the calls are every 10 seconds. Each of the last ten secs is called out individually. There is one guy shouting the time downandthere'sanother shouting seconds-to-burn to the line - meaningtocomeoffthe wind and slowdown. Pre-race measurements tell us how long it will take to cross the line at a particular speed, but other boats or conditions can change this.

Different race committees also have different starting times. For example, St Tropez uses a seven minute warning but here in St Barth, and in Cowes, it's five minutes. It's almost impossible to create a watch that can be used for all regattas. Blancpain Replica Watches functions more as a navigator’s watch than it does as a regatta timing device.

You've been a sailor for a long time. How did you convince Richard to join Les Voiles de St Barth?

Richard and I have been friends for many years before he started the brand.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica We had discussed various designs of sports watches including one for sailing. He called me and asked my opinion about a new sailing event, Les Voiles de St Barth. Richard is very good at recognizing the value of something right from the start, spotting the potential, and encouraging it. As a result, people are loyal to Richard. Luc and Francois gave everything they had to create this regatta – starting from the ground up, they have succeeded in creating one ofthe world's best regattas.

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