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You will recall that last year I had the opportunity to visit Doha for the World Athletics Championships. While I was there, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Yohan Blake about his career, his motivations and his watches. (You can read the full article here). In our conversation, he said that he was working with Richard Mille Replica to create a new watch model which will be ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Blake is preparing for his last Olympics as a professional. The new watch will therefore be important to him. Blake and Richard Mille Replica worked on this watch for over two years. RM fans will not be disappointed with the collaboration. What is the result? The RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Ultimate Edition is a limited edition 150 pieces.

According to Richard Mille Replica, the RM61-01 was developed as Yohan Blake's signature model. It is the younger brother of the RM59-01. The RM59-01 Yohan is a stunning watch finished in a livery representative of the runner's home country. It features the iconic 'Beast Bridges,' which echo the runner's unique hand position while running. This manually wound tourbillon came in a 50-piece limited

RM 59-01 Tourbillon Yohan-Blake, created by Richard Mille Replica and Yohan Blake in partnership, features dramatic bridges that evoke "The Beast's" claws!

This new model is based off the RM61-01, which was released in 2014. The Ultimate Edition Yohan Blake is the final iteration of RM61-01. This seems appropriate as this will be Blake's last Olympics. The case of the previous version was made from TZP Ceramic. However, the Ultimate Edition features a Quartz TPT Case and Carbon TPT Bezel and Caseback. A caseband is also made out of Carbon TPT. These composites are a serious matter! The material used for the caseback and bezel is made by weaving 600 layers of Carbon TPT with Quartz TPT. Each layer is 45 microns thick and has been rotated 45 degrees. This produces a unique pattern when milled at the factory.

The watch has a 55-hour power reserve and a caliber that is highly skeletonised. It's made of titanium PVD treated. It's also been tested to withstand up to 5000g! It's quite a bit.Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica A Formula 1 driver experiences the most force when he corners his car, 5 to 6 G's. Blake is really fast. Even Blake will have a hard time breaking this barrier.

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

RM61-01 calibre with hours, minute and seconds. Power reserve of 55 hours

Case Study

Bezel and caseback in 50.2mm Quartz and Carbon TPT with Carbon TPT caseband

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